Who We Are

From our practice’s initial establishment in 2003, our approach to professional service has been focused on offering value to our clients, and it remains as such today.

At Business Class Solutions, our mission is to provide exceptional service to our clients and become an integral part of their team.

We collaborate with our clients, whether they be business owners, executives, or independent professionals, to develop an in-depth understanding of their financial situations and accounting objectives. Our team strives to make a difference and help our clients navigate the path to achieving their goals.

Our professional experience extends over multiple industries and sectors, including:

  • Financial and Professional Services

  • Manufacturing,
    Transport and Logistics

  • Trades, Construction and Engineering

  • Retail
    and Wholesale

  • Healthcare, Aged Care and Childcare

  • Other Industries &

Ash Said

Principal Accountant

Ash leads the practice in offering a wide range of accounting, business and taxation services. Beginning his accounting career in 1980 as part of a large multinational corporation, Ash went
on to establish his own accounting practice in 1982. From there, he has acquired and started a variety of diverse businesses, ranging from the manufacturing and retail industries to finance and taxation. Given his comprehensive business knowledge, experience and passion for adding
value to clients’ personal and business affairs, Ash is keenly sought after for the provision of tailored business solutions.

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